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Book Printing

Congratulations, you have written your book and are ready to get it into the hands of your readers. Please let us help you navigate the steps you need to turn your book into a beautiful printed piece forever, whether it is for a unique gift, or to share with the world.

Printing your own book is a personal process and, whilst there is an endless list of customisation options that allow for creativity and personality to shine through, there are five key considerations for printing a book:

  • The Paper – there is an extensive range of paper choice both in terms of weight (gsm) and finish of paper. Whatever you choose will reflect the quality look and feel of your book.
  • The Binding – this will be determined by the type of book, for example hardback, softback, booklet
  • The Spine – a crucial part for durability, appearance and feel.
  • Size and Orientation – A5, A4 or other size? Portrait v landscape?
  • The Colour – text only can often be black & white but a book with images will likely require colour.

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